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FFD: Six months into the new generation. Are you impressed?

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The first year or so of a new console generation almost always completely fails to be impressive. Sure, things look a little shinier, run a little smoother and integrate more features but there’s almost nothing that blows minds, or melts eyeballs. Is that the same in this eighth generation of consoles?

Have you seen anything this generation so far that knocked your socks off? According to most people with eyeballs, inFamous Second Son  on the PlayStation 4 and Ryse on the Xbox one are the best looking games for the new systems.

I’ve played both, and while at least one of them is a pretty good game, and they’re easy enough on the eyes, neither screams “NEXT GEN” to me. Sure Infamous looks great, but it’s really just more infamous with a shinier skin, and a terribly lifeless city.

Watch Dogs has a much more living, breathing city (as long as you can actually log in to play it) but hardly looks any better than last gen’s GTA V.

I’m a grumpy old sod though, and nothing impresses me. What about you? Has anything this generation knocked your socks off yet?

Last Updated: May 30, 2014

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