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FFD: What games have the best boss battles?

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Boss battles in modern videogames tend to be thrown in to video games just because they’re video games, and as such need to end with a bang. Sometimes, they’re done pretty damned well  – or in the case of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, they’re too damned videogamey for their own good. Bioshock’s end boss nearly ruined the whole thing, and Arkham Aslylum’s Joker boss was so out of character that it nearly sullied an excellent game.  We’re not here to discuss instances like those though. Instead, let’s talk about the ones that were good.  

Which videogame bosses, upon defeating them, left you with a broad smile upon your face and a sense of accomplishment?

Was it maybe that bastard Tyrant from Resident Evil, or silent hill’s Pyramid Head? Did kicking Sephiroth’s girly ass make you cry tears of joy? Maybe destroying Lavos and saving the world in Chrono Trigger stands out as one of the finest boss battles in your memory (it certainly does in mine) or perhaps it’s the time you destroyed a mecha-Hitler in some or other old-school shooter about killing nazis.

Killing just about any of the bosses in Dark Souls was immeasurably rewarding too – but if there’s any single BIG BAD Boss Battle that really sits in my head, it’s got to be RAAM from the first Gears of War; killing that smug locust jackass with a torque bow to the head on Insane difficulty put a smile on my face that took weeks to get rid of.

Which games do you think had the best, most rewarding, or most memorable bosses?

Last Updated: August 2, 2013

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