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FFD: Which great games had the worst sequels?

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In the current AAA gaming climate, sequels are something you just have to get used to; they’re considered safe bets. Sometimes though, they’re too safe – barely changing anything from the previous game. Either that or they’ve been handed of to lesser studios and end up being terrible.

You’re probably already thinking “Call of Duty,” but put that out of mind right now. They’re hardly real sequels, and really just more shootiness set in the same universe.

Of course, there’s Dragon Age II, which wasn’t a bad game per se, but just smacked of being a lazy cash grab with recycled environments. Gears of War Judgement and God of War: Ascension both told stories nobody asked for, and Lost Planet 3 was an exercise in stupidity.

Dead Space 3 ditched the scares in favour of all-out-action and the less said about Duke Nukem Forever and Resident Evil 6 the better. Going back some; Deus Ex Invisible War was nonsense for console kid and Star Control 3 made me cry.

So you tell us; what games that you loved had the worst sequels or prequels?

Last Updated: November 8, 2013

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