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FFD: Who’s ruining gaming most?

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For better or worse (mostly worse, it seems) videogames and the video game industry is changing. In this internet-connected world, games no longer have to be – nor could they ever be – completely bug-free. Hell, they don’t even have to be whole – as some will gladly sell you the game’s ending as DLC. Others will try sell you other things – like costumes, hair-styles and goddamned cheat codes as DLC instead.

And then, there are those who, in this internet-connected world, insist on having their games utilise the internet – whether or not we want them to. We’ve got single player games that require persistent internet connections, we’ve got single player games that have all sorts of stupid social dick-measuring contests built right in to them. If some had their way, we  wouldn’t have single player games at all.

So who’s ruining gaming most? Is it Activision and Ubisoft with its annual rehashes; EA with its focus on social experiences and knifing single player games in the back; Bethesda, who’re unable to get things working properly? Maybe its Capcom, who’ll nickel-and-dime you for all you’re worth – or Square-Enix who’ll charge you extra for a “true ending?.” Maybe you’re one of the few who hates on Valve, believing that its Steam service is destroying video games.

Let us know who you think’s making gaming suck.

Last Updated: September 7, 2012

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  1. Rick

    November 21, 2013 at 09:46

    They’ve got a one trick pony system that works for them with relatively little risk. Create an FPS, put a long story in it, and sell it on the consoles with a PC port as at best an afterthought. This works well for the 8-18 age range. Once these kids grow out of the range, there are many more coming up to take their place, so they can just keep going with that system.


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