FFD: Why Do We Support Game Companies That Don't Care About Us?

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Being South African means you get a good grip on what it feels like to be left out.

I take DICE and EA for example, who are happy to take full price from us for Battlefield 3 in South Africa, with absolutely no intentions of hosting dedicated console servers for us, something that the rest of the world gets quite happily. MWEB (local ISP) have even offered to supply the dedicated server boxes, the only thing that DICE need to do, is accept to use them and do some basic admin/maintenance on them remotely.

But they don’t want to, they don’t think that we are worth that tiny bit of extra effort. All of us, who paid full price for the same game that the rest of the world is playing online, lag free. Night after night we get trashed by guys who can run into a room and clear the lot of us, thanks to the insane lag… and it destroys the experience for the fans and all by choice of the publisher and developers.

Xbox Live and Playstation Network? Supported in South Africa? Don’t make me laugh. We get the bare minimum at best and it’s really getting old. Why, oh why do we support these companies that are only happy to take our money and then kick us to the curb?

Last Updated: December 15, 2011

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