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FIFA on the Vita is incredible.. my 2 minutes of glory

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Last night I was lucky enough to crack an invite to the PS Vita launch held at the overly fancy Randlords in Braamfontein.

While I’m leaving the details of the PS Vita and the event for Geoff to cover I do have to take a minute to tell you how incredible the PS Vita is for playing FIFA on since Geoff is a philistine when it comes to sporting games and he didn’t understand my excitement for it.

I only had 2 minutes on the device with FIFA and already it has shown the power of the PS Vita, the practice session I played was the same as the loading screen in FIFA 12 (before a match) so I was running around doing tricks and the like and getting to grips with the game and then I realised I couldn’t shoot.

While moving the PS Vita around to try and find the shoot button I accidently touched the touchpad on the back and a green dot appeared in goal and my guy took a shot.

The brilliant simplicity of this amazed me, the touchpad is the shape of a goal so all you do is touch the touchpad where you want your shot to go, the longer you hold it the more power you give it and away you go.

This fixes the biggest problem I’ve had with football games on consoles and ridiculously enough could be the reason why I’d fork out full price for a PS Vita, it really does just work that well.

I seriously can’t wait to get a review copy of FIFA on the PS Vita to see how it handles in a real game scenario.

Oh and if you’re wondering what that header image is all about, that’s the urinal of Randlords 22 stories in the air… not the best experience for someone who suffers from Vertigo but pretty cool all the same.

Last Updated: February 22, 2012

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