Fight Night Round 4 Reviews Are Coming In – The Champion Has Returned

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It’s no secret that the Fight Night series of boxing games have pretty much dominated the genre for ages now, and it looks like the latest iteration from EA is no different.

The game is currently pulling in an average of around 90/100 on Metacritic, and even pulling 91/100 from 1UP, whose scores usually translate as quite low to Metacritic as they use a high school type of rating system (In this case the game was given an A minus).

The game is looking like quite a winner, more after the jump.

IGN, who have the game a score of 88/100, had the following to say:

“A wonderful boxing game. There are certainly issues to be found in the new Legacy Mode, but it’s much closer to what players want from a career mode. The online offering, while not hugely different from the previous Fight Night, still delivers where it counts.”

Fight Night Round 4 is very much going head to head with the recently released UFC game, and many have been asking which is going to be the more popular. UFC was very well received and had great sales in it’s opening month, so the fight should be really great to watch.

Fight Night Round 4 should be hitting local shelves on July 3rd.

Last Updated: June 24, 2009

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