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Fight Sauron with Shadow of Mordor Season Pass

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SoM Talion and Celebrimbor

Shadow of Mordor is almost upon us. Yes, we will be reviewing the game for you ASAP, but in the meantime there’s a new trailer for you. It shows off the Season Pass content, and it might leave a Sauron taste in your mouth.

I’m not quite sure the trailer does it for me. I don’t want to compete in challenge missions and share it with friends and it feels like the added content is a bit small to warrant calling it an entire batch of DLC. Sure, I’ve come to understand that DLC is just something games have to have to rake in more cash over time, but I’m not quite sure this sounds worthwhile.

Also I’m confused about the timeline of it – I can go with Talion to hunt more beasts, or play as Celebrimbor and take on Sauron. If any of you are better Tolkien scholars than I am, please feel free to correct me, but wouldn’t the Celebrimbor vs Sauron encounter basically have to play out as a flashback? The events of Shadow of Mordor take place between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, yet Celebrimbor took on Sauron in a last stand at the doors of the Ost-in-Edhil (the main fortress of Eregion) in the Second Age. I suppose it could be some sort of flashback experience, but we know how it will end – with Celebrimbor being overwhelmed and defeated.

Lately, I’ve been singing the praises of a Season Pass over individual DLC payments – at least you can pay once and know that you get it all. This is also why I like Limited Editions that contain all the DLC. But I’m just not sold on this Season Pass. Obviously they couldn’t add a whole new Nemesis System or world to explore, but it’s just feeling a bit on the skimpy side.

Would you dish out for more challenge options and the opportunity become a super beast master, or will you just stick with the awesome-looking core game?

Last Updated: September 30, 2014

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