Fighters Uncaged – Kinect gets its own fighting game

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The Wii has Wii Boxing, which is pretty ridiculous. The PS3 has The Fight which from our hands on is pretty abysmal and now Kinect has Fighters Uncaged.

The trailer looks okay, but lets be honest here for a bit. This game is supposed to be debuting in November and yet it wasn’t even teased at E3 this year, it’s from an unknown developer (no offense) and to perform super moves you need to shout something at the TV.

As much as I would love a game like this to be awesome I just don’t see it happening… Please prove me wrong AMA Studios, the idea is incredibly enticing.

Check out the gallery of screenshots below.

fighters-uncaged-screenshot-1b-coach fighters-uncaged-screenshot-1-coach fighters-uncaged-screenshot-2b-el-luchador fighters-uncaged-screenshot-2-el-luchador fighters-uncaged-screenshot-3b-jawbreaker fighters-uncaged-screenshot-3-jawbreaker fighters-uncaged-screenshot-4b-rider fighters-uncaged-screenshot-4-rider fighters-uncagedfighters-group-1 fighters-uncagedfighters-group-2

Last Updated: August 19, 2010

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