Final Fantasy VII is headed to the PlayStation 4

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Final Fantasy VII, one of the most beloved all all games associated with the PlayStation brand, is finally coming to the PlayStation 4. For years, fans have begged and begged for a remake or remaster of the game, and at Sony’s PlayStation experience event this weekend, Square announced that the game would be headed to the PS4. Before you get excited, let me first crush your spirit; it won’t be remastered at all.

Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto took to the stage at PlayStation experience to announce that 1997’s Final Fantasy VII was headed exclusively to the PS4, but was very careful to let the world know that it wouldn’t be touched up in the slightest.; all it would be is a port of the PC re-release of the game – in all of its 1990’s blocky graphical glory. Thrilling stuff.

Naturally, the fans who’ve been clamouring for a remake of a game they’ve played countless times are pissed off at both Sony and Square, who they’ve accused of trolling, using some rather choice words. Honestly, I think those of you still holding out some hope for a graphical update to the game need to get over it, because it’s just not happening.

Final Fantasy series producer Yoshinori Kitase, speaking about a potential remake in February, said it would take a lot for it to happen.

“I can honestly tell you I would love to do that,” he replied. “If you simply ask me if I personally would like to do that, yes I would. Definitely. There’s no lie about it. But you must believe me when I say it would take a lot to happen. Even if I casually say I would like to do that, because it would be a huge project I would have to motivate myself to the level that I really am prepared to take on this huge responsibility,” he said.

“I don’t know if those three things will happen simultaneously. It has to tick lots of very big boxes. I won’t rule out the possibility, but it would take a lot to make it happen. But should I ever take it on, it would have to be the biggest project I’ve done. My life work. So I would have to be as highly motivated as that to end up with something I’m very happy with. It’s a huge thing for me.”

Maybe, just maybe there’ll be a remake of the game in 2017, in time for the game’s 20th anniversary…but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Last Updated: December 8, 2014

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