Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC takes a page out of Capcom’s Dairy…I mean diary

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Andriasang has the scoop on the first batch of DLC for big-hair simulator JRPG Final Fantasy XIII-2 – and it looks like Square Enix has decided it likes the way Capcom does things.

Yep, they’ll be charging you real-life money for alternate costumes.

Later this month, Japanese fans of the series will be able to pick up Serah’s “Resort Style” frilly pink swimsuit outfit for just 240MSP or ¥300.


Or perhaps you’d prefer Noel’s “Protector of Time and Space” suit, a black number given to time traveling warriors from Etro. It’ll also be available 240MSP or ¥300, and just like Serah’s swimsuit adds nothing.


A little better is the “Front Or Back” DLC Scenario, which sees Final Fantasy XIII’s token black guy Sazh in Xanadu, where he decides to try out two new table games. Those table games are included, bolstering Final Fantasy XIII-2’s selection of casino games. It’ll be available for ¥600, or 400MSP – which is roughly $5.

No word though on the inevitable DLC that’ll unlock the game’s true ending. Those who’ve finished the game will know that it’s a cliff-hanger with an annoying “to be continued” screen -something that’s rightly annoyed a lot of people. Square has said it’s not quite set up for a sequel, so there’s a lot of speculation that the game’s ending will come as part of a DLC campaign, which if you ask me, is a terrible, terrible thing.

When the DLC craze started, many were worried that we’d end up with incomplete games, and we’d have to shell out extra for endings – and it looks like that prophesy might be coming true. This new DLC hasn’t been dated for the west, yet.

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Last Updated: February 16, 2012

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