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New Final Fantasy XIII-2 new screenshots – Here be Crystarium!

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111114_event_(US)_02_RGB copy

A lot of us were disappointed with Final Fantasy XIII. Sure, it looked pretty and the scope of the storyline was bigger than that morbidly obese guy you find waiting at McDonalds every morning. But it didn’t feel like a Final Fantasy game, something which was seen in the lacklustre combat.

With a sequel getting ready to launch next year, developer Square Enix is assuring us that all these issues have been ironed out, and that fans will get the Final Fantasy game that they want and deserve. So while we wait for the next chapter in the unique franchise to redeem itself, we’ve got some brand new screenshots to share with you. More after the jump.

The screenshots shed some more info on FF XIII-2 for us, such as showcasing the new Crystarium, which has been overhauled to be more effective and unique when levelling characters up, while adornments can also be bought for captured monsters, to make them stand out a bit more, without risking their battle-performance.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be available next year in February.

111114_event_(US)_01_RGB copy

crystarium_(US)_01_RGB copy

mons_adornments_(US)_03_RGBK copy

crystarium_(US)_02_RGB copy

111114_event_(US)_02_RGB copy

crystarium_(US)_06_RGB copy

Last Updated: November 14, 2011

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