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Final Fantasy XV – Elemancy and magic crafting guide

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It’s a kind of magic! A kind of magic! You’ve got one dream and one goal in Final Fantasy XV, one golden glance at what could be. And you’re going to need more than just an oversized sword at your side to help you tackle the threats in the latest core entry from Square Enix in their long-running saga of crystals and Cid cameos.

Magic is a different beast in Final Fantasy XV however. More of a complementary feature for the heavier emphasis on real-time action, the Elemancy system is meant to support players in the battlefield. That’s why there are cooldowns and other checks in place to avoid any abuse of the system. But pal, it’s still worth learning a few tricks to hide up your sleeve.

It’s powerful stuff that can be tailored towards any situation, and practically limitless if you’re prepared to follow that path. Let’s break it all down a bit first:

Crafting and stocks

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Before you can run, you’ve got to walk. Specifically towards an area that has the elemental essence needed to craft various elemental spells. You can acquire Elemental Essence for example by absorbing the material from elemental deposits, or by using equipment such as Engine Blades or Drain Lances to deliver a killing blow to enemies.

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You’ll also need to have an ample supply of flasks to store the stuff, which can be acquired as you progress through Final Fantasy XV. With those materials in hand, a single crafting of a spell will yield you three casts of it as a default. Increasing your crafting skills can make that number soar even higher from even the most base amount of elemental essence, while the Ascension Grid can further be leveraged to to help you take more of the magic into battle.

Spell Potency


You’ve got a spell, got a decent stock of it. But is it any good? Is your lightning blast more of a static shock than the thunder from down under? To get your spells to cause some proper damage, you’ll need to use more essence and raise the potency of that material to above 100 to reach higher tiers. To get an edge, combining all three of your elements with a catalyst will help create dual magic and unicasts, magic which can strike an opponent with multiple random elements. Which brings us to the next topic.


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A spell can also be augmented even further, as redditor Pan-Woodland broke the method down:

Catalyst are additional items you can add to your spell to add bonus effects. For example adding a potion to ice essence will result in Healcast: Blizzard x 3. This give your blizzard spell the side effect of healing the caster. By doing this you’ve effectively tripled the amount of healing you have available. You’ll also see effects such as Duocast which cast the spell twice in succession while only using 1 stock. Poisoncast which adds a chance of poisoning enemies to your spell.

The materials that you discover in the world from pickups or enemy drops have varying degrees of effects when added to your spellcrafts. Experimentation is key, and in case you find something you like you’ll have access to a history of previously created spells for quick and easy crafting.

And there you go! From here, it’s up to you to decide how to use your elemancy in combat. You can go manual or opt for a quick cast system. The choice is yours.

Last Updated: November 30, 2016


  1. Great game – but only 3 elements :(( would have liked a bit more in the magic.


  2. Bob Ross

    February 12, 2017 at 20:38

    Yet another one of those ‘guides’ that don’t actually guide you in any way.


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