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Final Fantasy XV gets new screenshots, possible airships and explanation of Luna’s role

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FFXV continent

Final Fantasy XV hasn’t just been plagued by development hell. It has been fraught with confusion about the game’s story, issues over the lack of airships and weird misplaced anger about male-centric cast. Now a few more details and images have dropped. While the airship drama seems set to continue, at least we’re getting some clarity in other areas.

First up, let’s get the bad news out of the way. We already knew that there were some issues surrounding airships in FFXV. Not only were they struggling to make it happen, Tabata started calling it downloadable content and everyone’s panties instantly twisted. I’m going to continue hoping that it isn’t paid downloadable content, but rather something that gets patched in later. I’d rather that airships didn’t delay the game out of its 2016 launch window, but I still feel rather disappointed that they won’t be a part of the game at launch. Still, a new collaboration could make them better than I imagined.

In an interview with Famitsu (thanks, Siliconera) director Hajime Tabata explained that the technology used in Just Cause might help the Final Fantasy team:

We don’t have any knowhow when it comes to that, so during this year’s GDC we spoke with them, and they also showed some interest in the technology behind Final Fantasy XV, so the talks continued from there, and now I’ve been given the permission to make it public just today. This is something that barely started out, but it’s something of which both the Final Fantasy XV team and Avalanche Studio team have very high expectations.

I suppose that’s something. We also got some clarity about Luna’s role in the game. In previous trailers, she just looked like a pretty blond on the verge of tears. However, now we learn that she was in a very difficult political position, engaged to Noctis but with her own will and determination. She isn’t just a vulnerable princess who needs saving – she has her own strength and goals in the game. Good to know.

Finally, here are some pretty pictures and descriptions.

FFXV continent

Continent: The four continue their drive along the clear river, passing through the coniferous trees. Should they go full speed straight toward their destination, or take time and explore the surroundings? It is up to players to choose.


Ido: An underground dungeon with an eerie atmosphere. For a long time, this dungeon has seen no traces of human activity. But is there something else currently living here?

FFXV lestallum

Lestallum, a city positioned in the lands of Duscae.

Using Cuba as a motif for the design, the vibrant city is full of people and life. A large building that stands out is the hotel. It’s probably a good place to rest and relieve some tiredness from the long trip.

Last Updated: August 11, 2015

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