Final Fantasy XV, the reincarnation of Final Fantasy Versus XIII

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Can I just say how happy I am about the new Final Fantasy?  Partly because it proves they didn’t forget about it, and partly because it looks freaking amazing!  Also, it seems to follow old school Final Fantasy design – being persecuted, familial ties and ensuing heartache, and epic graphics and prettiness.

So, what is the new one about?  It appears to be a fight between old and modern societies – plenty of modern looking cities as well as the use of crystals.  Plus, it calls itself a fantasy based on reality.  Gamezone reports

FFXV is set in the Kingdom of Lucis, during a stressful time for Crown Prince Noctis and his crew. Noctis and his comrades have been thrown out of their homes and into a world that’s being attacked by the armed forces of Niflheim.

Looks like the typical FF approach – bad people are trying to overthrow the peace process, which involves killing you and your family.  I’m sure there will be some self-sacrifice, and a ragtag group that works together to save the world.  I just hope that this time around they make the characters more compelling and likable, as well as a more engaging plot.  Plus, they’d better make it open world earlier on – I think the biggest complaint about FFXIII was that it felt like running down a (really pretty) hallway for the first 40 hours.

Next bombshell?  It won’t be a PS exclusive – it’s also going to be released on the Xbox One.  Okay, now here’s the trailer again, in case you missed it!

Here is the first battle trailer!

Last Updated: June 12, 2013

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