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Final Fantasy XV world appears larger than The Witcher 3 or GTA V

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When it comes to world scales in games, I tend to actually agree with that motto men cling to – “it’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it”. I think we’ve all experienced enough games with massive but empty worlds as well as pure gems built in tiny environments that we know world size isn’t the end all, be all. However, if done well, a massive world can help create a believable world with plenty to do. Final Fantasy XV might just be such a world.

The guys over at DualShockers did the sort of math that none of you would ever trust Geoff to do. They analyzed the latest driving video which includes a map view. Thanks to the drive screen giving an exact distance for the route mapped (4 392 m) they were able to extrapolate that and pair it with other maps to come up with an estimate on the size of the world in the game.

Now it’s just a matter of multiplaying the pixels of each side of the map by the size of each pixel. The map includes a large rectangle measuring 1,582 x 647 pixels, plus a small rectangle measuring 467 x 57 pixels. This means that the map measures 69,671 m x 28,494 m + 20,567 m x 2,510 m (43.3 miles x 17.7 miles + 12.8 miles x 1.56 miles).
As a result, the whole area covered by the map, including water, is an enormous 2,036.8 square kilometers, translating to 786.4 square miles.

So yeah, this is bigger than the main continent of The Witcher 3 or the map of GTA V. Of course, that’s just landmass. We don’t know how densely packed those areas will be. Could we find them full of side quests and activities, as well as collectibles and secrets? My money is on that scenario, but you can never be too sure. JRPGs have typically run into the hundreds of hours of game time, and I’m confident that FFXV will be a return to force in that regard. However, considering that they’re giving players a car to zip around from place to place, I’m sure many gamers will never even see much of the giant world they are creating.

Last Updated: September 2, 2015

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