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Finally – A Batmobile iPhone case

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After five years, I’ve finally joined 2013, thanks to Gavin donating his old iPhone 5 to me, which now doubles as a tracking device and a mobile hotspot for after-hours verbal abuse. I’m pretty much in love with the device, and have dedicated my soul to only owning Apple phones from now on. The one thing that I do still need for my phone however, is a proper cover. I’ve got a Ghostbusters one on the way. But now, I need to work my way into poverty so that I can grab an iPhone 6 and this cover.

Yes, you’re looking at a video above of an iPhone 6 case that is designed around the very bestest Batmobile, the vehicle that helped murder Joker goons in the 1989 Batman film and set evil clowns on fire in Batman Returns. As I said, that Batmobile was the bestBandai has unveiled their Batmobile iPhone 6 Crazy Case, which will set you back $50. It’s got everything: Headlights, taillights, a jet engine rear port, a bat signal that projects from the back and slots that open up for your camera lens.

it’s also stupid as can be, as the bulky case will most likely sever a femoral artery every time you answer the damn thing. On the other hand, it’s a freakin’ Batmobile iPhone case, so shut up.

Last Updated: February 4, 2015

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