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Finally, a custom GameCube controller for the Nintendo Switch

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I don’t know what it is about the Nintendo GameCube controller that still works, but it simply…does. While PlayStation may have set the bar for the modern video game controller all the way back in 1994 with the PlayStation, it was Nintendo that arrived to that party in 1996 and then promptly proceeded to cock it all up with a peripheral that was designed to turn male players into a soprano singer with its errant piece of dong-destruction plastic in the middle.

The GameCube though? That underrated beauty got the idea of a comfortable peripheral right the first time with its own unique design, resembling a handlebar moustache for Robocop and standing the test of time. It’s a controller that to this day is still the go-to device in the Smash Bros. fighting game community, with Nintendo releasing new versions of it for successor console over the years to come.

It’s also a lot better than the current JoyCon controllers you’d find on a Nintendo Switch. While those input devices are perfectly enjoyable on their own or when attached to a dedicated peripheral, they’re not exactly comfortable for long haul stints when attached to the wonderful console. Wanting to create something more comfortable for his Switch, modder Shank Mods got to work on a custom GameCube controller for the powerhouse portable.

This wasn’t exactly a case of sawing that controller in half, shoving the electronics inside and soldering up a rail which the Switch would register either. According to his video, Shank Mods spent months with a GameCube Wavebird controller, working out the kinks and eventually ending up with a one of a kind controller that looks amazing in action. If you’re keen to give it a go, all you need is a 3D printer, a Wavebird of your own and the ability to not set your face on fire when you need to start soldering the parts together.

As the old adage for good luck goes: How hard could it really be?


Last Updated: January 14, 2020

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