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My strategy for finding friends

I’m looking forward to Dying Light. Yes, it is another zombie game. The difference is, it has a Mirrors Edge feel thanks to the parkour aspect. Running on ground level is for losers, lets roof hop instead! The game is landing in January – the one month when everybody is more broke than a plate at a Greek restaurant. Want to save some cash? It’s time to make some zombie-loving friends… three of them.

By the power of Steam, Dying Light is available in a 4-pack at a discounted rate. The game costs $59.99 alone, but only $179.99 for the friend bundle. Essentially, you’re getting four copies for the price of three. Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately for us here in South Africa, we don’t really benefit from this special. A PC game from retailers is around R450 these days (which may go up or down depending on the exchange rate). At time of writing, it is R11 to $1. That translates into a price of R1980 for a 4-pack, something which is already discounted. Buying 4 separate copies from retailers works out to around R1900 (in theory at least). If you’re an International reader with a strong currency, the bundle is still good news for you I suppose. For the rest of us, well, I’ve had to cancel my subscription to

I will be picking up the game regardless, friends or not. What about you? Remember, pre-ordering will give you access to the exclusive be the zombie multiplayer mode. It looks like a ton of fun, I’m just not sure why it’s a pre-order incentive. Everybody should be able to take part in that zombie-spider-man tomfoolery!

(October 21, 2014

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