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Finding Your Dream Job with Lensa as a Game Developer

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Game development and job search sites are two things that seem foreign to each other, but how foreign can they truly be? The answer to that is not at all since both use similar bases for their function. Websites use programming, and so do games. 

Being a game developer at new companies such as Lensa can be a breeze since game development is such an extensive process that requires vast knowledge on how to use or create software, as well as focusing on user experience. 

Let’s look at what being a game developer truly means and how you can find your dream job with Lensa as your job search engine. 

The beauty of game development

Developing games isn’t just about coding; it is also about designing, conceptualizing, producing, directing, and so much more. These are all different phases of game creation that you can be a part of. 

The reason being a game developer is difficult currently is thanks to the over-saturation of developers in the job market. There are many individuals who just don’t happen to have enough experience under their belt, which makes it hard for talented developers to break through this wall. Game development is a creative and long-lasting career choice that is also versatile. 

The skills you need

First and foremost, you will need strong skills in coding. This is the most basic necessity employers look for. The languages that are needed for game development include C++, HMTL5, TypeScript, JavaScript, and so on, says Unity.com

You also need to be proficient with gaming engines such as Unity that create the base for any game you wish to make. If you know how to use these and have experience with them, you have likely earned the title of “game developer.” 

Strong problem-solving is a necessity for most jobs that aren’t monotone work. This necessity is present for game developers as well, especially thanks to the coding aspect of their jobs. The reason problem-solving is so important is that development equates to new things and will necessitate new tech solutions.

Strong communication is also needed for this line of work since you work with tens to hundreds of other developers to complete a game. 

All of these skills need to be listed, if not more, during your job search journey on Lensa but if you are unsure of what your skills are, you can take Lensa’s workstyle game. This game uses advanced AI to analyze your skills and attributes based on your answers to the game’s questions. This game can even help you find out new things about yourself.

Ways Lensa can help you find your dream employment

Similar to the above-mentioned workstyle game, Lensa does a lot for job seekers to find their ideal jobs. Thanks to its AI-based approach to connecting job seekers with employers, the website is a fool-proof method if you are looking for employment, specifically as a game developer. 

As a game developer, your career tends to be colorful and sometimes even niche, depending on what specific experience you’ve had so far, ranging from a big company such as Activision to indie games that only have a couple of hundred downloads (more details). 

Lensa takes on a holistic approach to job finding by focusing more on you, the job seeker. You will have the ability to browse game dev employers and contact them first instead of waiting for them to contact you. This gives you the power to decide what path you’re more willing to take within game development. 

To use Lensa, you can sign up for free. This allows for easy information access for employers to analyze and contact you, for Lensa to provide you with a larger selection of tech tools to benefit your job search, and for a stronger analysis of your person to match you as efficiently as possible. 

Creating an account also lets you get notifications for job alerts or callbacks through email. There are lots of options for you as a game developer to find a job at a company you like since there are countless listings to choose from. You can also find flexible work on the website easily since employers can upload versatile listings. 


There is always hope for a game developer looking for a new job thanks to the versatility and fast evolution of the industry, as well as job sites like Lensa taking on new approaches to making recruitment as easy and comfortable as possible. 

Last Updated: January 4, 2023

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