Fine I'll post about it…. Stupid Barcode

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You know when you first hear about something and it is just not interesting at all. Then a couple of hours later you see or hear about it again and you still don’t care.

This pattern repeats itself until you eventually pay close attention and absorb all the details about something, yet still don’t care.. Well this is how I feel about these new super duper barcodes that Microsoft are going to be using… They can store tons more data and if you use a camera to take a picture of it and get it into your computer it can serve as a web address.

Wow new URL’s that we can’t read normally, why am I not excited…

Oh and am I the only one who realises that they are always using Viva Pinata to show what it looks like because that luminous block is going to look terrible on my Gears of War disc….

Seriously how can a new barcode mechanism make it onto virtually every technology and gaming site in the world?

If you want to read some gushing information about this new barcode follow the link…

Link to Microsoft’s ‘elite’ HCCB barcodes to contain promo extras – Joystiq

Last Updated: April 20, 2007

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