First EA Sports FIFA SA Premier League major success!

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By Johann Gerber

With 10 minutes to go and the scores tied, the ball gets passed in midfield. The team’s passing play has been brilliant all night and has found a number of holes in the opposition’s defense.
Again the ball gets played up the wing, the fourth official indicates 2 minutes of stoppage time, the crowd is rising to their feet, sensing that the time has come. A pint-point cross into the box finds the striker. His hips move left, but the shot goes right – Score! They win with a stoppage time strike!
In two paragraphs this is what 20 of South Africa’s soccer enthusiasts endured the month of February. It was the month of the first ever EA Sports FIFA SA Premier League on Xbox Live.

Live provided the perfect platform for the players to get together and play, what can only be described as the greatest FIFA game ever, if not the greatest soccer game. Making use of the game’s in-built league creator, managers could select their respective teams and challenge the other teams for their respective matches.

Liverpool, managed by league organiser, Johann ‘Dareno’ Gerber, took an early lead to the season. However, this was short-lived as Brett’s aka ‘PW7H3ad’ Bayern Munich gained momentum.

Bayern rushed to nine straight victories with little effort. After about 14 days of fierce competition and with Liverpool still unbeaten after 6 games, it was time for the showdown.

In a fiercely contested battle, Bayern walked off proud winners – 1-0. However, Bayern’s season came agonizing close to having the perfect season, only losing a single match and drawing three. Congratulations to those teams causing the upset.

The last week of the tournament had the front runners in trouble. Milni, manager of Barcelona, launched a major title challenge. Beating Liverpool and Lyon, but suffering the dreaded disconnect. This meant that the team could only finish 2nd and after some serious battles managed to finish tied for 2nd with Liverpool and Lyon 4th.

Milni showing good sportsmanship decided that he would settle for 3rd, stating “If Liverpool’s game with Manchester United happened, they should’ve won and Liverpool would’ve had a clear second.”

So the battle for the championship came to an end, but with new friendships made and some exciting gameplay. Look out for season two, commencing April 1, 2008. Entries for the second season are open and some managers will surely be looking to avenge previous results. Congratulations to all managers committing to the league and to EA Sports for sponsoring such an awesome event.

Last Updated: March 3, 2008

  • Fox1

    “It was the month of the first ever EA Sports FIFA SA Premier League on Xbox Live”

    I like the contradiction in that line, lol.

  • LazySAGamer

    ? I think I am overworked because I don’t see the contradiction?

  • Fox1

    “SA Premier League on Xbox Live”

    Technically SA doesn’t officially have Live and now we have an official premier league on Live thats not official. I knew about the league all along. I just hope it pushes SA to get Live quicker.

  • PO7H3AD

    Nice write up Dareno 😉

    But that greatest soccer game comment makes me want to be sick, I think we all know the real greatest soccer game 😀

    I doubt anything like this will help us get live quicker

  • LazySAGamer

    I have to admit I don’t see the fascination with PES.

    I keep trying it and I keep giving it away. It just doesn’t hold me like FIFA does. Granted the core gameplay may be slightly better but as an entire package it falls down quite badly.

  • PO7H3AD

    I think it comes down to the football supporters like it as its football simulation whereas fifa is arcadey and not realistic

    Next time you give it away,I’ll be waiting

    BTW its pointless fighting me on this as I’m a TOTAL pes fanboy 😀

  • Parad0x

    Pes FTW

    btw i was thinking of buying FIFA after this article but after Po7h3ad comments reiterated what i actually thought .. My mind has been changed again

    C’mon konami .. fix that multiplayer

  • TrueBlue

    This year is FIFA 08 year don’t waste your money in PES wait until 2009 to come out.

    Guys can anyone tell me in SA which reigon you use PAL or NTCS???

  • LazySAGamer

    @TrueBlue, the official standard in Sotuh Africa is PAL but I do know we have quite a large NTSC contingent as well since you guys always seem to get the games first.

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