The first gameplay footage of Quake Champions is pure speed

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You know what I loved about DOOM earlier this year, a game that is hands down the best first-person shooter of the year in my book? It’s that it had my Quake 3 Arena senses tingling all the way through each and every descent into hell. Speed and power baby, mixed in with enough gratuitous satanistic imagery to make a nun’s head spin off of her neck which would then lead to an overzealous politician blaming DOOM for the demise of the youth of today.

A bit long-winded that last line, but you get the point. While it may be easier than ever to jam a game online these days, there’s a certain feeling that it can’t capture when compared to a proper LAN. Especially back in the day when you threw your back out after lugging an ancient CRT monitor up the stairs with you. If your spine is aching at the mere memory of that thought, then chances are high that you spent a few Friday nights jamming Quake 3 Arena.

Like I said, DOOM had that nostalgia tingling in the back of my mind. Quake Champions on the other hand? It’s got that nostalgia ready to blow my brain to chunks with an overdose of rail-guns and high jumps from the past rendered with modern day flair. Here’s the first gameplay trailer for Quake Champions. Do yourself a favour and watch at 1080 peas with 60 of those frames running:

Looking good! The twist in the Quake Champions tale here is that id Software will be leaning on a few ideas borrowed from the influx of hero-based shooters that have hit the market, with at least a dozen characters hitting the field and flexing some perks in battle. Although honestly, I just love seeing some good old-fashioned speed and power combined with rail gun kills.

But the retro train isn’t stopping there, as players will be able to also carry as many weapons into a match as they’re capable of, as id Software studio director Tim Willits explained to Eurogamer:

There are no loadouts, no limit to the amount of guns you can carry. Time the weapon pickups, or kill your opponents. That’s how you get weapons in a Quake game.

AW YISSS SON. There’s no solid release date for Quake Champions yet, but you can expect a closed beta next year.

Last Updated: August 5, 2016

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