First sales charts of the new year

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So the first worldwide (minus Japan) sales charts are in and it looks like an exciting year ahead of us.

Straight to the hardware sales

1. Wii   – 335,377
2. PS3 – 194,494
3. 360 – 193,343

So the PS3 has overtaken the 360 (just) and the Wii is easily the clear leader but once again it comes down to the all important software sales.

1. Wii  – 1,706,229
2. 360 – 1,435,350
3. PS3 –    765,403

So the Wii is easily dominating in both areas however Sony needs to do something about those software sales as that is where they make the money.

I would say Microsoft are actually happy with this because they still have that opportunity for a huge price cut (as does Nintendo), it’s more of a when than an if now as well.

Also don’t forget the PS3 strong Japanese sales have not been counted yet so the PS3’s lead is greater than it looks above, however I doubt it will change the rankings in any way.

VG Chartz | Worldwide Weekly Chart

Last Updated: January 9, 2008

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