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Fixed: Xbox One games not loading

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A new problem has arisen with the Xbox One and that is that sometimes it appears that your game simply will not load, this is after installing the game and is not related to the disc drive at all.

Apparently this is randomly happening to different games and at different times – however a YouTube user by the name of GODtheSniper has found a fix for it.

If you can’t watch the video the fix is pretty easy.

The theory behind this is that when your Xbox One goes into standby mode, or if you have been playing many different games for hours, the RAM isn’t being properly flushed and when it tries to load the new game it can’t and crashes out to the dashboard.

To fix this either hold down the power button on the console for 10 or so seconds to force a cold reboot which will flush the RAM. Or put the console into standby mode and then disconnect it from the power supply totally and leave it disconnected until the light on the power brick goes out.

Again this is something Microsoft can fix with a software patch but I’m really starting to worry about how much testing Microsoft did with this console with all these basic issues arising.

Right now this is obviously still a rumour as Microsoft hasn’t confirmed it –  but it makes sense. If this is happening to you then try this, it really can’t damage anything.

Last Updated: November 27, 2013

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