Flamebait Friday Debate: Are We Almost Impossible To Impress Anymore?

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That terrible word that is plaguing the internet, and while it’s a problem that extends further than gaming, we are here for gaming after all, so let’s take a look at the issues at hand.

We spend hours and hours of our lives complaining about evil, money hungry publishing corporations that love nothing more than to scam us out of our hard earned cash. Now we would be fools to not demand creativity and high quality products, but games that would have blown us away in the past now simply get shrugged off.

Have we become that difficult to impress, have the standards just been set so high or do we have the insanely packed release schedules to blame? After all, games are damn expensive these days, so we have to be careful right? It’s an interesting topic to discuss, so hit us up in the comments.

So then. Are tons of games sucking, are the Triple A exclusives all that matter or are we just becoming too difficult to impress?

Last Updated: July 8, 2011

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