Flamebait Friday Debate – Sony’s “Evil Corporate Agenda”

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Right! We’re drawing a line in the sand, Lazygamer readers. This Sony versus GeoHot thing is getting intense now, and opinions are more varied than a whore’s repertoire of sex moves. So man (or woman) up! Pick a side!

Are you backing Sony’s right to defend the system that they spent millions on developing? The system that has an End User License Agreement that you accepted upon purchase and usage? Are you backing their hardline approach of getting access to private information? Paypal accounts? Twitter accounts? Is anything safe anymore?

Or are you backing GeoHot. He’s the PS3 users’ William Wallace! He’s opened the system that you paid for, allowing you to do things that you should rightly be able to do considering the money you paid. Besides, Sony removed features (Linux) that you just want back.

Which is it going to be: “Screw you Sony” or “Screw you GeoHot”?

Last Updated: March 18, 2011

Miklós Szecsei

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