Flamebait Friday Debate – Who is going to win E3

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Nick’s away sunning himself somewhere today so it’s been left up to me to come up with a Flamebait Friday Debate. I was thinking of asking which game is more original Halo or Killzone or which title is truly a better racing game Forza 1 or GT5 but I was worried some of us may not make it through that conversation alive.

So instead we got together as a team and decided on “Who is going to win E3”?

Nintendo has a terrible track record at E3 so I would be surprised to see them take it home. Sony has already announced some major news with Killzone and GT5 being 3D enabled which either means they have even bigger news at E3 and those stories got bumped or they are handing the conference over to Microsoft and Project Natal / Gears of War 3 on a golden platter.

So who do you think will have the strongest showing and why?

Last Updated: May 28, 2010

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