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Flamebait Friday Debate: Who’s taking the football crown this year?

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We have this discussion every year, but it never gets old. FIFA and PES are once again going head to head, but this time, it looks like PES 2013 might be the best looking football game out this year.

According to this piece of paper that Gavin scribbled foosball notes on, PES 2013 has a lot going for it. Konami has done an evolutionary leap when it comes to visuals and quality graphics, balls behave like balls and the player movement makes me think that I’ve accidentally switched on to a Supersport channel, it looks that real.

But then again, EA could snatch the trophy away from Konami. The last few years have been great for FIFA, and as an annual release, it’s built on those successes, fine-tuning the experience even more. The atmosphere has been perfectly nailed in their titles, they’re just as realistic as anything that PES has to offer and it has a ton of licenses for FIFA fans to dip into, that PES players won’t have access to.

So who’s walking out of the stadium with your cash this year?

Last Updated: September 28, 2012

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