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Flash Bang: Roads Infested By Zombees

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Why can’t we all just get along? What’s with all the killing? Don’t be stupid – carnage is at the center of almost everything. At least, everything that involves zombies or lab-meddled killing machines. In that case, killing is the least you can do, because you do it so well. Alas few of us are born into situations where it is deemed necessary to put the pedal to the metal and suck some scientist’s brains out. Thank goodness for games, extending our experiences into realms we never though possible. And if you do lie awake at night, imagining you are a lab-forged killing machine, please don’t respond to any party invitations.


infestorYou are Infestor, some kind of weaponised goop that can jump into the bodies of its enemies. It’s not a new idea, but usually one easily forgotten. Messiah, anyone? Fortunately this specific body snatcher knows what it is doing over the platformer environment. Nab key people to do certain tasks, like jump further, push crates or open doors. Infect a soldier for some extra fire power and gain some air by popping out of a person. Unfortunately Infestor never quite rises to the potential of its design and comes across as pretty easy. But it’s fun and a sequel is hopefully in the works.


Road Of The Dead


Heading on the highway, looking for adventure. Loads of zombies between you and the exit to the city. Loads of soldiers too, not to mention military personnel freaking out over the radio and sending gunships after you. It’s not going to be easy, but fortunately you are a skilled mechanic and every time your race to freedom comes to an untimely end, you can spend points to upgrade your car and defences. Ploughing into the undead and gun-touting gains you points, tipping freaked-out civilians over your hood loses them. And do try to avoid hitting all the wrecks on the road.


Revenge Of The Zombees


Killer bees! There honestly can’t be a worse death, except maybe being on fire. Yet these killer bees ARE on fire. So this is definitely the worst kind of death: being attacked by a swarm of flaming, genetically altered bees out on the rampage. Fortunately it’s a quick death. At least it looks that way – you don’t really keep track, what with all the destroying and such. Lead the Zombees to victory by destroying everything in the auto-scrolling level. Take on people, buildings, tanks, even giant robots. It’s a bit short and you’ll be done in less than ten minutes. There isn’t much incentive to replay it, either. But for those brief few minutes you became a swarm of flaming death. It’s time you’ll never demand back.

Last Updated: September 14, 2011

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