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Flash Bang! The best in Flash gaming

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There is no end to what you an do in Flash. for example, you can use the powers of light and dark to kill monsters. Wait, that sounds a bit too familiar. Okay, you can SHIFT the powers of black and white to crush annoying yet harmless critters. Sound better? Of course it does – who doesn’t like a dash of megalomania every now and then? And then, befitting any decent totalitarian, you can enjoy a spot of golf – Mini Golf, to be precise, though you have never played a putt-putt game like this before. And when you are done, it’s time to get back to work commanding penguin mercenaries to kill the turtles. Sheesh, if running things was really this much fun, there’d be no need for all that pilfering of state funds…

Gap Monsters

gap-monstersPuzzle games are a dime a dozen, so making an original one isn’t easy. Yet there is no real shortage on new ideas. Sure, maybe someone just has a different take on a familiar concept, but there is a reason why all manner of deities, such as God and the Devil, seem to reside between the lines and in the details. That said, Gap Monsters still feels very original. Maybe it is. The goal is to move the monsters to their deaths, specifically squares that seem to be no good for their health. You realise this once you see the first monster scream in agony as its eyes bulge out. but you will scream in agony too. To move the monsters you have to manipulate black and white areas, shifting them around to shift the monsters. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t blame this post. It’s a tad tricky to explain, but you’ll pick it up within the first two levels.




Make no mistake about it: you can do some really awesome stuff with Flash. Take this new take on the ancient sport of mini golf (or putt-putt, depending on where you are from). It all happens on one screen, but the bizarre course keeps changing. Meteor strikes, aliens abducting cows, buildings splitting apart, Stonehenge force fields, even the inside of a torpedo – it’s a pretty awesome selection of effects creating a nice selection of mini-golf courses. There is plenty of replay value, but Wonderputt is rather tough (not the least because at times it is hard to aim properly). Even if you don’t like mini golf, just load this game up and see what it does. Then try to pretend you are not impressed.


Penguin Overlords


Not everyone is meant to be a hard-working, blue collar type. It befits some of us to be more managerial, delegating tasks and streamlining the logistics of the operation. Obviously this is necessary, because someone has to understand what words like ‘logistics’ mean, but this is why a manager always has a good dictionary. You never use it, but if anyone ever might corner you about the meaning of ‘logistics’, you are never cornered. Fortunately no-one will ever ask, because the people who hired you probably don’t know what it means, either. thus nobody knows what it means, yet pretends to know, and therefor everyone knows – technically.

Where was this going? Oh, yes – turtles. You need to kill lots of them using your penguins. Kit them up, upgrade their stats and hope that they make quick work of those shelled oppressors. Or are they busy killing tortoises? Who knows? It’s above your paygrade anyway.


Last Updated: August 29, 2011

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