Flying tanks in Battlefield 3

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Normally I wouldn’t post video’s about glitches in a beta because the entire point of a beta is to find glitches and fix them. What’s more this isn’t even the public beta as unlike our below par experience of Metro in the public beta this is from a beta with vehicles which is far more like the Battlefield 3 I want to try.

Oh and a warning, this American doesn’t seem to know how to saying anything “What the f*&k”, which he repeats around 1000 times in the video.

But what makes this video awesome is not how the tank glitches out and starts spinning but how it then suddenly decides it’s an anti-aircraft missile and proceeds to launch itself virtually out of our atmosphere.

And the cherry on the top is the annoying narrator not realising what goes up must come down.

Let’s just be clear again, I’m disappointed in Battlefield 3 so far but you can’t hold things like this against the game as it’s a beta and this will more than likely be resolved before the game hits shelves

Last Updated: October 4, 2011

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