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Fog is coming to steal your visibility in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has introduced sight impeding fog

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground might be taking a bit of a backseat thanks to my current Destiny 2 addiction, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t incredibly exciting updates coming to the ultra-popular Early Access shooter that have me itching to dive back in. The Battle Royale-styled multiplayer game is all about using the tools around the map to win, which often come in the form of sights and sounds. Weather conditions play a big part in shaking that up, and the latest introduction of fog is sure to screw with your perfect sniper record.

Much like rain, fog is an easy way to change the entire landscape of how you engage enemies in Battlegrounds. The thick mist will engulf the map at random with the latest update, joining sunset and a torrential downpour as the three most interesting modifiers to your game. Fog will decrease visibility drastically, making long-range shots harder to pull off and daring escapes a little easier. It won’t mess around with anything else, but it will make the sound of footsteps a lot harder to get a visual on.

It’s a clear way to shake up a single map, and these environmental changes have allowed for some of my most memorable matches in the game so far. Sunset decrease visibility in a similar way, but it’s really rain that completely transforms the way I play. With sound drowned out by the overflowing clouds, it’s easier to get the jump on someone without them even knowing you’re there. If Battlegrounds can make a single map feel this distinct with such small tweaks, it’s only going to grow when new maps (like the incoming desert one) finally get introduced.

And players are responding in kind. Just last week PlayerUnknown’s Battleground peaked at over one million concurrent players. That’s just shy of what Destiny 2 pulled at launch, and only on a single platform.

Last Updated: September 12, 2017

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