For the first time, the Vita has outsold the 3DS

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Sony’s PlayStation Vita, successor to its PSP has had a bit of a rough ride. Like Nintendo’s Wii U, it’s great bit of gaming tech that nobody seems to give a damn about, with sales not even nearly hitting expectations. That looks to be changing, as for the first time, the Vita holds its place as the best selling hardware in its native Japan – beating out the 3DS.

Here’s the hardware sales charts for Japan from last week, courtesy of Media Create (via Gamerevolution):

  • PSV – 63,581
  • 3DS – 61,008
  • PS3 – 19,567
  • PSP – 18,023
  • WIU – 9,454
  • WII – 1,363
  • 360 – 768

It seems that the recent little Nipponese price cut has done wonders for the system’s sales; something I really hope Sony takes note of – so that they can cut the damned price everywhere else. The Wii U, it seems, is picking up slowly, but the Vita’s performance is impressive, riding on the back of great games (if you’re Japanese) like Soul Sacrifice, Tales of Hearts-R, Senran kagura: Shinovi Versus, Phantasy Star Online 2, and Uta no Price All-Star.

Whodathunk it? A price cut, and a steady stream of actual games help bolster sales? Never!

I know a number of you managed to pick up a Vita super cheap recently; what are your thoughts on the system – and what games are you looking forward to?

Last Updated: March 14, 2013

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