Force Unleashed Demo features unique ending. Available in August.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has been one of the most eagerly anticipated titles of 2008. All of us are holding thumbs that it won’t be a let down. Please don’t be a letdown.

Good news is that the demo for Xbox Live and PSN is on its way, so we will all get to taste the action for ourselves although I am sure that the download is going to be a bit hefty for our poor South African caps. What is interesting though, is that the demo is going to feature an ending, which will not be seen in the full version.

More details and a special ending of my own, after the jump.

That’s right, in a move to make the demos ending more interesting than a line of text saying “Coming soon”, they have opted to actually have a mini-ending. When the full game is released, the ending wont be seen but will probably be a different sequence that will move the games story forwards.

Although a final date has not yet been given for the demo, we have been told to keep a look out in August.

source: Videogaming 24/7

This next part is so unnecessary but I seriously couldn’t help myself:

Darth Vader: “Luke. I know what you are getting for christmas”

Luke: ” Hey, what? That’s impossible? How could you possibly know?”

Darth Vader: ” I felt you your presents”

Last Updated: July 29, 2008

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