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Fortnite Battle Royale ATK guide – Where to find every all terrain kart

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The only good thing to ever come out of golf, was golf carts. Rugged, able to cover ground quickly on its tiny wheels and almost successful in murdering Johnny Knoxville, golf karts are brilliant. They’re also now in Fortnite, as Epic Games’ battle royal title now gives players the chance to hop into a buggy of death in season 5’s antics.

So where the hell are these All-Terrain Karts? Much like everything else in Fortnite Battle Royale, ATKs are spread across the map and you’ll need a bit of luck finding one when you spawn into a game. They’re well worth it though, as they can seat four players and they’re quick on the ground. You can even do a Regular Show power slide in them.

To find them, here’s a list of the locations where they spawn at often. Alternatively, here’s a video from gaming lab that should provide visual aids for ya:

Where to find the ATK in Flush Factory

  • Just northwest of the Flush Factory, an ATK usually spawns into the car park area

Where to find the ATK in Lazy Links

  • Next to the pond, in the North-East section of Lazy Links
  • Southwest of Lazy Links, near a row of garages

Where to find the ATK in Paradise Palms

  • In the garage near the skyscraper that’s north of this location, cast your peepers on the garage outside to spot an ATK

Where to find the ATK in Racetrack

  • On the western side of Racetrack, go to the car showroom where’ll you spot an ATK inside
  • In the race track car park, an ATK also spawns there regularly
  • In the main building, check the garage area for an ATK

Where to find the ATK in Snobby Shore

  • Go south until you reach a row of five houses and check the home that is stacked with security cameras. An ATK should be at the front gate
  • North of Snobby Shore, you’ll find two more ATKs: One on the road, another at the east side of the Northernmost house

There’s probably more locations where the ATK will spawn in, but for now the list above should give you a good headstart. Now remember, ATKs are meant to be driven stupidly, dangerously and with absolute glee. Just try not to kill Johnny Knoxville again, if you don’t mind.

Last Updated: July 13, 2018

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  1. These guides are pretty useful, esecially to people like me with little time ut a lot of desire to play. Mobile access now helps, though.
    Fortnite is waaaay to addictive.


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