Forza 3 Box Art Revealed: We're One Step Closer Guys!

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Do you see it? Do you? I know its not the real thing but you realize this means we’re just one step closer to the real deal ladies and gentlemen. Some of you gear-heads may have already heard that the first ever FIA Formula Two Championship lady driver, Natacha Gachnag will be the ‘Face of Forza’ for the European launch.

Turn10’s creation if you weren’t already aware will feature more than 400 of the planets favoured cars and over 100 different tracks. As you can see by the above pic, the insane Audi R8 is just one of the amazing pieces of HD rendered machinery available for your gaming pleasure.

So even though I’m not a petrol head and have never been into racing titles, I’m still gearing up for the October release exclusively on Xbox360.


Source: electronictheatre

Last Updated: August 4, 2009

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