Forza 3 – Crazy Car Ballet Trailer

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This insanely cool Forza 3 trailer was shown at E3 and shows off some cars doing some crazy stunts together in-game and seriously shows off just how cool the editor made actually is.

The stunts in this trailer were performed by the guys from Project Blackjack, who are a group of young blokes who are known for making cool drifting videos in Forza 1 + 2 and uploading them to YouTube. They called up the Forza guys and showed them their wares, and voila, they were pulled in and involved in making the trailer with Turn 10.

What is incredible is that all of the stunts that you see were done in real time, and then edited with the same editor that will be made available to all of us. The trailer took around a month to make, and the results are pretty awesome.

Last Updated: June 10, 2009

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  • darthdad

    Awesome stuff! Some really good driving. I would love to see the out-takes. :silly:

  • easy

    reminds me of the guys that did the stunt flying and driving in bf2. wasted youth me thinks.

    the song sounds like it belongs in lbp, maybe something a little bit more heavy would’ve done it justice.

    looking pretty damn good though.

  • Fox1

    It takes skill to drift in Forza 😎

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