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Forza Horizon’s Season Pass costs nearly as much as the game

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Forza Horizon, PlayGround Games and Turn 10’s new open-world arcade spin-off  racer that looks like Forza but plays more like PGR is coming late next month. The game’s going to be heavily supported post release by DLC – but be prepared to empty your wallet if you plan to experience Horizon in its entirety. Microsoft’s released details of the game’s Season Pass – a pay now, play later discounted DLC option – and it’ll set you back 4000 MS Points, or $50; nearly the cost of the game itself.

It’s not all bad; the Season Pass includes access to the games first expansion pack  – which we believe to be an extensive, bona-fide expansion. Here’s what 4000 MS Banana dollars gets you :

  • The as-yet-unnamed expansion that’s yet to be detailed
  • Six car packs (of six cars each)
  • Five exclusive Season Pass vehicles
  • A launch day pack

According to Turn-10, this represents a 17% saving on what it would all cost separately – but still, it means it’ll set you back at least $110 for the full game, plus there’s more DLC planned that isn’t included in the Season Pass. while I appreciate the fact that games can be supported after their release with new content, I’m really beginning to become quite disillusioned with the industry’s fervour and greedy focus on money-generating DLC.

It might be worth it for the most obsessed petrol heads, but this whole pre-sold DLC season pass nonsense is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.

Here’s a look at the location for the game though…which looks really quite nice.

Last Updated: September 26, 2012

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