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Four player co-op confirmed for Haze

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Haze is getting pretty

Haze has now moved from a good looking title that I was interested in to an absolute must have.

Easily the best thing, in my opinion, about Halo 3 was its 4 player co-op mode. Now it has officially been confirmed that Haze will have the same thing.

Co-op is something that I was very sad to see leave the gaming industry for a while but now it seems like it is back with a bang and hopefully to stay.

Haze is being released later in May with a demo confirmed to be hitting the PSN in early May…

If you are a PS3 owner who isn’t hugely excited about MGS then this should keep you entertained through the months of May and June easily.

Four player co-op confirmed for Haze – news – www.mcvuk.com

Last Updated: April 16, 2008

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