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France has the right idea about piracy

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Viva La France

As you may know by now I hate piracy, I feel it is just as bad as walking into CNA and stealing a game of the shelf and I am all for pirates being caught and punished.

However I never expected any country to take it as seriously as France seems to be.

According to a new law that is being put forward in France if you are caught pirating anything over the Internet your Internet connection will be severed permanently.

Not gimped, or monitored or anything like that but actually cut off, no more browsing or checking emails for you.

Granted that is a bit harsh but I would fully support such a law, if you are wrongly convicted you can of course appeal but in all my time of being on the Internet I have never accidently downloaded a pirated game or movie so I am not sure what your grounds for appeal will be based on.

All I can say is Viva La France.

Source: PS3Life

Last Updated: November 6, 2008

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