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Free Medal of Honor DLC coming next month

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Hey, remember EA’s “Project Ten Dollar”? It’s their new business practice aimed at kicking second-hand sales of their games in the nuts. All new EA titles ship with a single-use code thereby allowing players to access content at a later stage. If you buy the game secondhand, you have to pay for the DLC or a new single-use code.

Medal of Honor makes use of it as well, which means you’re entitled to free DLC if you bought the game new. What does the DLC entail? Well, it’s a new multiplayer mode.

The mode is called “Clean Sweep” and it arrives on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network on 02 November. It will come with two new multiplayer maps (Bagram Hangar and Khyber Caves) and two redesigns of maps that are currently playable (Diwagal Camp and Kabul City Ruins).

Clean sweep, according to EA, “is an elimination mode where players must rely on their own skill and teammates’ expertise to prevail as the winning team”. So it sounds like a last-man-standing, team deathmatch sort of thing.

Along with this announcement of free DLC, EA also revealed that Medal of Honor has sold 1.5 million copies in the first five days. Good going EA! I’m totally rooting for this reboot of the MoH franchise after playing that sniper level.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: October 20, 2010


  1. Medal of Honor < Modern Warfare 2 < Black Ops

    I'm calling it!


  2. Geoffrey Tim

    October 20, 2010 at 13:59

    I think you’re right. 😛


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