Free Warframe update adds emotes, Destiny jab

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Warframe emotes

I have personally never purchased cosmetic or vanity DLC in any game. I’m not interested in spending real money for a special badge or emote. However, they are among the most popular micro transactions out there for shooters, and Destiny is famously capitalizing on this with a macro transaction to buy a bunch of them for $20. Warframe is often referred to as a better (and free) version of Destiny, and they just couldn’t pass up on the emote opportunity.

There are a bunch of updates to Warframe, including Conclave changes, Rhino changes, Excalibur fixes and other usual fixes. You can read the full update notes over here. However, it’s the Emotes that are most interesting considering the recent Destiny debacle. There is even a golf clap looking one akin to what was referenced in that fateful Eurogamer interview that highlighted just how messed up the Destiny pricing was.

Three new Emotes (+ 1 returning) are now available in game! These Emotes are free for all our Tenno, and can be equipped via the Arsenal under Emotes. Equip your favorite Emotes and express yourself today!

Two new Action Emotes are now available for use: Clap and Shrug.
Two new Nartas are now available for use: Eclipse and Fathom.
Players can now customize what Emotes and Nartas they want to use via the Arsenal.

I know that some people tend to forget that Warfare (and Destiny) is still going, but it’s actually doing rather well. If you’re a fan of space and fast-paced combat, it really is worth checking out. I enjoy it on PS4, and Matty raves about it on PC. I keep hearing about Destiny fans who have switched over to Warframe, and with policies like these, it makes sense.

Last Updated: June 26, 2015

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