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Friday Debate – Which forgotten game franchise needs to make a next-gen return?

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Next-gen is officially here! Well in my house at least, because y’all are going to have to wait two more weeks still. I’m busy testing out the Xbox Series X and Series S for an upcoming review on those consoles, and while I’m excited for the new games arriving on those systems, I’m feeling nostalgic as well. There are a number of franchises that have been left to rot over the last generation of gaming, and I think it’s high-time that they got a revival.

Of course there are the obvious ones like spy-thriller No One Lives Forever or a reason to not have money in the form of Disney Infinity, but hand on my chest, I swear to you I’d love to see Prototype make a comeback. That Activision sandbox was the stuff of legend during the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 days, an oddly-timed counter to InFAMOUS that is perhaps a bit too on the nose with its story of a viral outbreak handing one lucky bastard all the superpowers he could ask for, in today’s current climate.

Kervyn also mentioned another game that has been a fan favourite since it launched in 2010: Split/Second. I’ve actually just popped some cash onto Xbox Live for it after he waxed lyrical about it, and after seeing footage of a race where you can reign destruction on enemies, I’m kicking myself for having never played a racing game that was clearly designed by Michael Bay.

At this point, you’re probably furiously typing in the comments that you’d like Soul Reaver to make a return. How about Dino Crisis, since Capcom’s been all in on remakes? Maybe even Bloody Roar if you’re really wishing for a fighting game that was the bastard child of Tekken and Animorphs. There’s so many treasured franchises out there that deserve a big budget rebirth on Xbox Series X and PS5, so sound off below!

Don’t just tell us which game you’d like to see return, tell us how you’d handle its resurrection. Let’s slip on some rose-tinted glasses and look fondly back at the awful past.

Last Updated: October 30, 2020

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