Friday Will See The Launch of Neotokyo for Half Life 2

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Now I’ve always enjoyed the older Half-Life titles but pretty much got lost in the story etc during my gaming dark-ages. But I’m back on the wagon and have allowed Half-Life to pass on by as I came to love some other titles. But I was pretty intrigued when I read about the impending release for this new mod for Half-Life 2.

The promising mod for Half-Life 2, Neotokyo will be officially launched on Friday and will be free for those who have already bought Half-Life 2. The mod itself will feature 10 new maps that will each support “Capture the Ghost mode”. Apparently this is similar to capture the flag but in this case you actually have to capture some kind of manikin figure – weird but cool. The download will be available from the website but as of yet a time has not been released – so look out for it on Friday.

Oh and just for kicks I’m throwing in this official trailer which looks pretty kick ass.

Source: gamervision

Last Updated: July 2, 2009

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