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Frogwares releases enhanced version of The Sinking City for Xbox Series X/S

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The Sinking City has had a weird 2021 so far. While the game is nearly two years old at this point, it has never been in more of the spotlight lately, as Frogwares’ Lovecraft inspired detective game has been involved in all manner of legal disputes (more on that in a second) but that hasn’t stopped it from moving with the times. Frogwares has released an optimised version for the Xbox Series X/S which should make for a much slicker experience. Which is great news for everyone that wants to purchase the game but forget about a free upgrade if you already own in Xbox One; that’s a process that’s, as you guessed, being blocked by legal procedures.


This digital-only version of the game features a 4K resolution running at 60fps, speedier load times, and just an all-around crisper graphical touch to everything. There’s a Deluxe Edition which nets you the Merciful Madness DLC too, which is mainly just a handful of extra quests. If you’re wondering about a PS5 version, that’s already out there, similarly restrained to a “purchase only, no upgrade” system due to the game’s publisher Nacon, formerly Big Ben Interactive, claiming copyright over The Sinking City, withholding milestone payments, and refusing to pay millions in royalties.


Because the older gen versions of the game have been claimed by Nacon as its own intellectual property, Frogwares has been barred from offering people who already owned the game the free upgrade. The game was pulled from Steam by Frogwares and was reportedly replaced by an altered version of the title by Nacon that removed any and all mention of the original developers. It’s a messy situation all around but if you’re interested in checking out The Sinking City (I enjoyed some elements of it) you’ll now have the opportunity of the Series X/S.

Last Updated: April 29, 2021

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