Frontlines PS3 cancellation is official

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FrontlinesTHQ has been doing some house cleaning this year and unfortunately the PS3 is suffering.

According to their corporately worded press release they are planning on strengthening their product pipeline… Whatever that means.

The reality of it however is that Frontlines: Fuel of War has been canned on the PS3 (it is still coming to the Xbox 360 and I think PC) and Destroy all humans: Big Willy Unleased (couldn’t make it up if I tried) has been canned for the PS2

Not happy with just that they have also decided to shut down an entire studio (Concrete Game Studio) which was working on an unannounced, and obviously not very good, new title which was set to land in 2010.

Frontlines PS3 cancellation is official – Frontlines: Fuel of War for PS3 News –

Last Updated: January 25, 2008

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