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FTL developer reveals new Kaiju defence title, Into The Breach

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Into the Breach is a new game from FTL developers 2

Faster Than Light will forever hold a cult following for its sometimes unforgiving but engrossing rogue-like management gameplay. Taking care of a ship that routinely runs into battles, breaks down and needs a little sprucing was only elevated by its catchy artwork and deep management mechanics, and it’s a game I still fire up for a few sessions today. So it’s curious then that no one has really been on the case of Subset Games – who have finally revealed a new project that’s in development.

Into the Breach isn’t like FTL. You’ll take control of a Kaiju defence team during Earth’s near future, commanding squadrons of massive mechs and weapons to keep the monster invasion at bay in this new tower defence/ real-time strategy mash-up. The gameplay reveal below echoes some systems found in games such as XCOM. Grid-based movement with costs are prominent, as are a variety of different units with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Environments seems to have major importance too, with many kills showing your mechs using surrounding rocks as both weapons and barriers for you to use against your foes. There also seem to be some abilities (or events) that change the face of the board entirely, with tiles shaking up in a wave-like motion to replace friends and foes alike.

Right now Into the Breach is only slated for a release on PC, and Subset Games haven’t yet attached a date to their new title. But considering what a standout success FTL was, I think it’s fair to say that fans are fine with waiting as along as it takes. I mean, some of us still have to actually get to the end of FTL, right?

Last Updated: February 13, 2017

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