Fujitora bosses you around in One Piece: Unlimited World RED

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With J Stars Victory Versus Sumthin’ no longer on my radar, I need a new anime game to focus on. Right now, my eye is on that mentally-retarded, constantly hungry and good-hearted Pirate King contender Monkey D Luffy. And it looks like he’ll have a helluva boss fight to battle through in his next game.

Thanks to AGB for the screens, it looks like Marine Admiral Isho AKA Fujitora will be laying down the law. Check him out in action in One Piece: Unlimited World RED, and click to Gomu Gomu embiggen:

In the manga and anime, Fujitora is a blind swordsman, and possesses a Devil Fruit ability that is not yet truly known, but involves controlling gravity. Not bad for a blind man. As for the game itself, it’ll be hitting European and American territories later this year on the Wii U, PS Vita, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS platforms.

Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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