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Fus Roh Dragon Age 3 anyone?

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Fus Roh Duplicate!

Quick, name one of the best fantasy games to come out on consoles this generation! The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim? Yes! 10/10 points to you! There’s no denying that the Bethesda developed and published game that arrived a year ago was an absolute slobber-knocker of a title, even if it did hate PS3 players and had its fair share of glitches and loading screens. Overall, it was a successful game, and that’s a bit of lightning in a bottle that Bioware is hoping to capture for Dragon Age 3: The Inquisition.

It’s no secret that Bioware loved Skyrim, especially the massive scope and open world nature of that game, and it looks like they want to combine aspects of that with the winning bits of Dragon Age: Origins.

In an interview with Game Informer via Kotaku, Bioware’s Aaryn Flynn was pretty coy on which aspects of Skyrim would shape and influence Dragon Age 3;

You can’t look at a game like Skyrim and not think about how impressive what they’ve accomplished is—or [think] that’s an interesting new direction or that there was something that didn’t work well for them that we could take in a new direction. So, we’re always influenced by these games, especially in a relatively tight-knight genre like RPGs.

And sandbox environments are one thing that RPG games can always benefit from. Some games get it right like Skyrim, while other games have it as a saving grace that makes the rest of the experience a touch better (I’m looking at you Dragons Dogma).

Previous Bioware games such as Mass Effect and the other Dragon Ages were more arenas with fast travel links than true open worlds, but it looks like the developer wants to return to that style of play.

Add to that some concept art where the artist has drawn in some sweeping visuals, and it looks even more certain that Dragon Age 3 could be going this route. And if it can do so with far fewer loading screens, we might have a winner here.

Last Updated: December 5, 2012

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